De Rex Actionwear Now at Spindle & Canister

Conceptualized in Malibu, California where the laid-back beach lifestyle meets the world-class city of Los Angeles, De REX™ is the first brand of Actionwear designed to meet the requirements of both fashion and function. In a time where positve personal identity and an active lifestyle are universally acknowledged attributes of high self-efficacy, De REX™ was created to enable those traits. From athletes to artists, no longer must one choose between performance and style because with De REX™ Actionwear, fashion and fitness finally coexist.

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All of De Rex products are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality fabrics, which have been carefully selected and proven to cater to your versatile needs. De Rex™ Actionwear’s essentials were designed to keep you looking as good as you feel during your workout and beyond. Surfers, runners, swimmers, and yogis alike, no matter what your motus operendi, do it with style and as always… GET SOME ACTION.